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Posted on: 11, June, 2020


British Army Ancestors now offers a low-cost medal-finding service – Find-a-Medal – where you tell me who you are looking for and I publish the details here on the Find-a-Medal page. The idea is that the internet search engines do the rest. Here’s how it works.

I publish key details on the main Find-a-Medal page. Think of it as a Medals Wanted advert which is exactly what it is. The only difference is that this advert is published in perpetuity. You pay a one-time fee and it sits on the British Army Ancestors Find-a-Medal page while the internet search engine ‘crawlers’ and ‘robots’ do their thing. I know from personal experience that with a good fortune, some medals do turn up.

Here’s how the Medals Wanted service works. 

1. You send me the details of the medals you are looking for:the soldier’s full name, rank, regiment, regimental number (if applicable), birth and death details (if known); medal entitlement if known. Send to me at

2. I will publish this information on the British Army Ancestors Find-a-Medal page along with a reference number which I will maintain in a separate database. 

3. Your email address and personal details will not be shared or published elsewhere. 

Medals Wanted - Lt David Radcliffe, 24th Royal Fusiliers

4. The one-time fee to publish this information on this Find-a-Medal page on your behalf is £25. If you want to increase your chances of finding that elusive medal or medal group you may also choose to publish your wants on my British Army Medals blog. See, for example, this post about Medals Wanted for Lt David Radcliffe. He’s the officer pictured above.

There are currently 101693 photos of British Army soldiers published on this website

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