Band boys, Middlesex Regiment, circa 1890s.

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Shooting team, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment, circa 1897
Shooting team, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment, circa 1897.
Shooting team, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Dorsetshire Regiment, circa 1897


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In June 2009 on my British Army Medals blog, I listed a number of men for whom I sought medals. Captain Alfred Iliffe MC of the Bedfordshire Regiment, below, was one of the men I wrote about.

Find-a-Photo. Captain Alfred Eldred Iliffe, Bedfordshire Regiment, photographed with his sisters in 1917

Eight years later in January 1917 I was contacted by someone who had recently purchased a photo of Alfred on eBay. Searching for "Bedfordshire Regiment" and "MC" online, a search engine delivered him to my article and I was able to purchase the photo, below, that he had recently bought.

Find-a-Photo. Captain Alfred Iliffe MC, Bedfordshire Regiment

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