1st Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 1894

Posted on: 20, September, 2020
1st Cameronians, 1894

This superb photograph of men of the 1st Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) was taken when the battalion was stationed at Portsmouth in 1894. It is of interest to me for two reasons:

  1. The men are all named and as a result of this I have been able to match up 10 of the names to records on British Army Ancestors
  2. As a piece of reference, the photograph is terrific, showing various forms of dress

The numbers underneath the photograph refer to the names of the men – rank, surname and dress – which were written underneath. Using this information I have been able to match up regimental numbers and first names in many cases. Here is the roll call of these Scottish Rifles soldiers, with my notes underneath:

  1. Pipe Corporal Wilson, review order
  2. Piper Grou, marching order[1]
  3. Quarter Master Sergeant Rose, drill order
  4. Sergeant Grant, review order
  5. 691 Lance Corporal Edward Goat, drill order[2].
  6. 4440 Boy Walter Charles Bartlett, drill order with leggings[3].
  7. Sergeant Major Frederick Brightman, review order[4]
  8. Captain & Adjutant Fortescue John Nason, review order
  9. 3233 Bugler Josiah Oakley, review order[5]
  10. Boy Morton, church parade order
  11. 3312 Corporal George Ellison, field day order[6]
  12. 4194 Private Charles Wakefield, walking-out dress[7]
  13. Lieutenant Crofton Bury Vandeleur, drill order
  14. Pioneer Murray, manouevre order
  15. 4006 Private Herbert Walter Sargent, guard-mounting order (wet)[8]
  16. 1980 Private John Ladkin, marching order[9]
  17. Bandsman Maul[10], field day order with forage cap
  18. Private Brown, regimental police

[1] Grou is probably incorrect. Also checked Groll but without success.

[2] Attested in 1884. Papers in WO 97.

[3] Attested age 15 in November 1892. Papers in WO 97.

[4] Possibly the same Frederick Brightman who appears as Honorary Captain & Quarter Master on the 1911 Census. Born in 1859 and so would be c35 years old in 1894. Would serve in the Boer war as Lieut & Quarter Master.

[5] Appointed bugler on the 14th July 1891. Discharged at Calcutta on 6th May 1902. Papers in WO 97.

[6] Attested 15th July 1890. Promoted corporal on 11th May 1893. Discharged 30th August 1902. Papers in WO 97.

[7] Attested on 13th November 1891. Discharged 8th Nov 1903. Papers in WO 97.

[8] Attested 8th May 1891.Discharged 20th January 1901. Papers in WO 97

[9] Discharged medically unfit on the 22nd May 1894. Photo must therefore pre-date this. Papers in WO 97.

[10] Surname probably incorrect. Also checked for Mane and Maire without success.

Image courtesy of The Cameronian Museum.

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